Nature diary

The National Park Area is teeming with wildlife: flora and fauna, diverse and beautiful. In recent years we have seen a school of dolphins in Cwm-yr-Eglwys bay, we have been approached by the wild ponies on Garn Fawr and watched a mother seal feed her baby at the foot of Dinas Island cliffs. We have marvelled at sea-anemones, crabs and unidentified little fish in rock-pools. We have been delighted by the masses of wild flowers in the hedgerows in May and June and by the fruits in autumn. But I have no photos so I’m hoping that this page can be built slowly with your help. If you, or your children take good photos of the local animal or plant life while you are staying in Tegfan, I’d be delighted if you sent me a couple, with information on where and when the photo was taken.

Email me at and I’ll use your photos to help create a page showing the rich variety of nature in our part of North Pembrokeshire.

2 Responses to Nature diary

  1. David George says:

    For those interested in birds the estuary of the River Nevern and on the Parrog walk often holds unusual birds at migration times especially in spring, such as Whimbrel, Sanderling, Dunlin, Ringed Plover and Greenshank

    • And for those who would appreciate a little guidance on how to tell the difference between these long-legged, long-beaked birds, I have just bought a Collins Field Guide with photos of them all. I shall be leaving this useful book on the Tegfan bookshelves.

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