Who are these people?

Deacons of Tabor Baptist Chapel, Dinas Cross, c1900Can you help us identify the people in this photo?

These men were deacons of Tabor Baptist Chapel, Dinas Cross, Pembrokeshire, and the photo was probably taken in the early years of the twentieth century. I know that Stephen George stands second from the left. I think that the Minister, Revd J W Maurice, stands in the centre. Does anyone know any of the others?

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4 Responses to Who are these people?

  1. what a fantastic photograph. My Dinas ancestors appeared to go to either Brynhenllan or Gideon, but I’d be interested to know who the men in this photo are. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for your interest. I’m fairly optimistic that I’ll be able to put names to one or two of them. I think there might still be great-grand-children of some of them in Dinas now. As soon as I find out- I’ll add the names to the post.

  2. CDG says:

    How delightful to see this early photo. Do let the site know if you track down the names of the other people. I descend from the Georges of Nevern, so not far away. I have just found L Unwin’s excellent account of the internments of the Georges in Pembrokeshire that he has deposited with the Dyfed family history site. I believe he also lives in Dinas and I would like to contact him at some point to ask more details. I am down in Newport at present enjoying this beautiful part of the world. I love walking around the headland at Dinas and watching the sunset on the beaches. Thank you for sharing the historical pieces.

    • Len Urwin is the Chairman of the Dinas Historical Society and is keen to hear from people with George connections who could add information (missing ancestors) to what he feels is a sadly incomplete record. Stephen George’s father, William, came from Nevern so although all Georges are not related, maybe we are!

      I am adding Dinas-related posts to my blog twice a week and since I started last August I have included quite a few with historical interest. If you have any photos or memories you’d like to add as a ‘guest contributor’ …I’d really welcome them.

      I’m envious of your spring time visit to that part of the world. Have a lovely holiday.

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