Siop y Sgwar (or acquired taste 2)

Have a look at this! IMG_4476

Photo credit Bjørn Giesenbauer

You don’t have to go to Reykjavik to see the glorious potential of paint and corrugated iron. Maenclochog’s Siop y Sgwar glows at the centre of the village and invites you to stop, admire its bold presence and get closer to feast on its richness of colour. As I stood gawping at the front of the store, my manners returned and I went inside to buy something, anything really just to see the inside and to say hello to the keeper of this beacon of a shop. Next time I go on a winter’s evening I shall take my camera so that I can capture it illuminated against the dark sky.

With many thanks to fellow blogger, Calmgrove, who drew my attention to this example of a ‘tin’ building in the Preselis. It’s only about ten miles from Dinas and a mile from Tafarn Sinc at Rosebush – more of that next time.


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1 Response to Siop y Sgwar (or acquired taste 2)

  1. calmgrove says:

    It’s been relatively recently repainted, so good to catch it in near pristine condition! Also, interestingly, old photos show it as considerably smaller — perhaps it was even rebuilt. There are a couple of other tin buildings in the village, notably just south of the village green opposite the Globe (an extension) and another modernised one on the site of the old station on the route to Clarbeston Road.

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