Searching for John Henry Jones and William Lloyd: the mysteries on Dinas’ war memorial

Dinas War MEMORIAL 1914-1918Thirteen men from Dinas are remembered on the village WWI memorial.

Locally there are long memories and diligent historical research so quite a lot is known about most of these men. There are two sets of brothers, three were sailors who died at sea, three were killed at the Somme and three at Ypres. One 19 year old died as a German prisoner of war. Their gravestones, their war records and their engraved names on the monumental war memorials of Northern Europe have been found and are being recorded as part of our local history.

But so far we know nothing about two of these men – no war record, no burial site, no foreign memorial, no village memories. So this is an appeal for help. Do you know anything about William Lloyd or John Henry Jones? Please get in touch if you have any information. Dinas families are so intertwined someone must have come across these names in their family histories. I’d be grateful if you’d pass this request on to anyone you think could help. Thank you.

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2 Responses to Searching for John Henry Jones and William Lloyd: the mysteries on Dinas’ war memorial

  1. Ann Hughes says:

    Rex Harries is the one to ask. He and some friends went to France in the summer to find the graves of the Dinas soldiers. I’m sure that he’d be pleased to pass on any new information.

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