Full sail on choppy seas

Windrush painting in Eryl

IMG_4622 Windrush in Eryl 2The Windrush, shown here in glorious full sail on choppy seas, was brand new when my father’s Uncle Johnny was apprenticed on board at Bristol docks.  The ship was a three masted barque, built in Sunderland in 1891 and registered there in 1892. Its long distance voyages took it to North and South America as well as Australia until it sank in 1920 after a collision with a Spanish steam ship in the North Atlantic. Five members of the crew were lost.

I don’t know the name of the artist and wasn’t able to examine the painting in detail as it sits in a very heavy frame and is chained to the wall. However, there is a very similar painting in the Pannett Art Gallery in Whitby. That work also lacks information about the artist and appears to be wrongly dated. See here.

I don’t know why our uncle Johnny chose this ship nor if there were other Dinas men aboard but so many of the men from the village went to sea that I expect there was some connection.

Here is the same ship, sadly denuded and looking very fragile, at a wharf in an Australian port.

Windrush in port


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3 Responses to Full sail on choppy seas

  1. Neville Pamment says:

    The artist is the Australian, Reginald Arthur Borstel (1875-1922) who worked in Newcastle NSW and later in Sydney. The painting probably dates from 1895 when she visited Newcastle.

  2. Carol Lucas says:

    I have a relative (exact connection not yet worked out on family tree) named John Walker who was Master of the Windrush until at least 28 June 1900. On 6 September 1899 it engaged 11 sailors (the ship could accommodate and was certified for 35 seamen) and sailed form Barry to Valparaiso. The voyage terminated in May 1900. The owner at that time was R.H. Gaynor, Esq, of Sunderland.

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