All in black and white

Stephen, Mary and their children

The run-away marriage of Stephen George and Mary George in 1866 produced a large family of seven girls and three boys.

This photo was probably taken about 1914 at Bank House, Dinas, and David George (died at sea), Hannah Jane (died of typhoid) and Sarah (died aged 5) are sadly just memories.

The two boys by this time were firemen in London but the girls had all settled locally. They all appear to be wearing black – frills, lace, flounces –  and I’m guessing that, with the possible exception of Rebecca’s tie, there’s not much colour there. I only knew my great aunts in old age and I’m sorry that this photo doesn’t show if any of the children inherited their mother’s red hair.

(Starting from the left
Back row: Paulina/Polly,  Miriam,  Evan,  Elizabeth,  Rebecca,
Front row: Martha Ann,  Stephen (Pater Familias),  Mary,  William)

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4 Responses to All in black and white

  1. Evan George says:

    I always thought that this was taken in the yard at Hescwm. Are you sure it was Bank House?

    • No, I’m not really sure and I can’t think where that high hedge could be at Bank House. I had also thought the photo was taken at Hescwm, in the sunny part of the yard where they grew vegetables, but Stephen and Mary left Hescwm for Bank House in 1899. I think that Elizabeth stayed at Hescwm for a while so maybe they all went back for the photo.

      • Evan George says:

        Curious to see you calling Mary and Stephen’s marriage ‘run-away’???

  2. I’m quoting Nanni Richards who knows a lot.

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