Lunch out!

IMG_5349 If you are anywhere near Fishguard, Tuesday to Friday between 10.30am and 4pm, treat yourself to lunch at the Community Cafe. The food will be delicious, the surroundings cheerful and the bill small; what’s more you’ll be supporting an innovative project with a truly creative band of volunteers.

This not-for-profit enterprise cuts food waste and saves carbon by stopping food going to landfill. Volunteers and staff collect perfectly good food that local shops and businesses would otherwise throw away and turn much of it into affordable, healthy meals and preserves for sale. Whereas food banks have to use non-perishable goods, the community cafe makes good use of fruit, vegetables, dairy goods and baked foods that have a short shelf-life and would otherwise be wasted.

The menu changes regularly, depending on what food has been donated. They were recently given over 100 kilos of bananas. These were made into delicious banana ice-cream that could be kept in the freezer. Other recent donations of 100 loaves of bread and 11 crates of mushrooms didn’t defeat their ingenuity but they couldn’t use all 20 bags of salad that arrived a couple of weeks ago and offered the surplus for free to anyone who wanted one.

So, I hope you are persuaded and if you can’t make it for lunch, try it for tea and cake. Delicious! It’s a real treat. It’s in the centre of town, there’s disabled access, there’s parking close-by and there are community events – look out for notices.

You’ll find your lunch at

The Transition Café
32a High Street Fishguard
SA65 0AR
Tel: 01348 872 019 or 07831 582 718
(They’re next to their generous landlords – the Co-op.)

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I'm passionate about books, about Oxfam and about making the world a better place. When I'm not filling the shelves in Oxfam Wilmslow, I might be found reading the books I've bought in the beautiful surroundings of North Pembrokeshire.
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2 Responses to Lunch out!

  1. trophos says:

    What a cool idea! I suspect the FDA over here wouldn’t allow it, but it’s brilliant.

    • Isn’t it? I think the food they get is mainly after its ‘display by’ date and before its ‘use by’ date .. but with some foods like bananas and mushrooms you can just tell by looking, feeling and smelling whether or not they are OK!

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