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I'm passionate about books, about Oxfam and about making the world a better place. When I'm not filling the shelves in Oxfam Wilmslow, I might be found reading the books I've bought in the beautiful surroundings of North Pembrokeshire.

Strung along in Dinas

I wonder how many of us have a little corner in the knickernsock drawer, or perhaps an old cigar box on the desk, that acts as a final repository for small sad broken items with sentimental value: dad’s gold fountain pen, mum’s … Continue reading

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Behind this modest facade you’ll find what could be considered the HQ of the local textile craftspeople – of whom there are many. Twin sisters Catriona and Penelope, who run Jane’s Wool Shop and its lively Facebook page, have a great stock of … Continue reading

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A scattering of sheep

It’s not very unusual to see the skeleton of a dead sheep on the mountain above Dinas. I assume that the sheep die of natural causes and the crows do their job as carrion eaters. I have never seen the … Continue reading

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Ty Twt: a little museum in Newport

We took the long route from Tegfan (Dinas) to Ty Twt (Newport), going up the mountain behind Dinas, along the ridge to Carningli and then down to Newport. It was a wonderful walk and at the very end, as we … Continue reading

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The best of all possible worlds

Just because you are in an amazingly beautiful part of the world where population density (human) is low, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss the latest film releases or exciting metropolitan performances of High Culture. Theatr Gwaun, in Fishguard, … Continue reading

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At anchor on the heavenly shore

Remembered by the maritime communities of Dinas, Pembrokeshire and Jelsa on the Island of Hvar.

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Part 7: Unknown lives. Guesses, Slivers of Information and Cul-de-sacs

W Adams, died June 30, 1941, 64 yrs Pembroke Dock Leah Hunt, died April 28, 1942, 76 yrs West Bromwich Mary J Albrow, died Nov 2, 1942, 87 yrs Stepney Annie E Smith, died Sept 11, 1943, 73 yrs Paddington … Continue reading

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Part 6: Friends

JESSIE A PRESS, DIED JULY 5, 1945, 83 YRS, STEPNEY The last name on the gravestone is that of Jessie Amina Press who was born in the East-end ward of St George in the East in 1862 – the same … Continue reading

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Part 5: German Immigrant Families Bombed by the Luftwaffe

AMELIA E BERNING, DIED AUG 29, 1944, 83 YRS, STEPNEY The ninth name on the gravestone is Amelia Caroline Berning. She was born in Yorkshire in 1862 to parents (Ludwig and Caroline Herman) who were recent immigrants from Hannover in … Continue reading

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Part 4: A Royal Connection

MARY MOULAN, DIED JUNE 8, 1944, 86 YRS, STEPNEY Mary Moulan, the seventh name on this headstone in the graveyard at Nevern, proved difficult to find until we realized that the final ‘n’ of her name, as written on the … Continue reading

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Part 3: The Landlady

ESTHER A LOH, DIED MAY 4, 1943, 83 YRS PADDINGTON The fifth name on the head stone is that of Esther Anne Loh. She was born Esther Anne Jones, on September 9th 1860 and although her married name might appear … Continue reading

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Part 2: A Christmas Wedding

SARAH ALLEN, DIED JUNE 16, 1941, 81 YRS STEPNEY The first name on the memorial in Nevern’s Churchyard is that of Sarah Allen who died in 1941, at Llwyngwair. Sarah Jane Lawson was born to James Lawson and Mary Ellerton … Continue reading

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