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The imminent disappearance of these power lines and their poles really took me by surprise. Click on the notice to read what’s planned. The delights of baby rabbits, lambs and spring flowers, however, were to be expected along the old … Continue reading

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What would John James Esq think?

The plot of land, generously donated by John James to the Temperance Cause, now houses Fishguard’s Theatr Gwaun. It not only serves alcohol in its friendly bar but allows us to take the glass into the auditorium. Is John James, who supported the … Continue reading

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A scattering of sheep

It’s not very unusual to see the skeleton of a dead sheep on the mountain above Dinas. I assume that the sheep die of natural causes and the crows do their job as carrion eaters. I have never seen the … Continue reading

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Finding the North Pole

In places where many unrelated families have the same surname* and people occupy the same land for generations, the name of a house becomes part of a persons’s identity, as gravestones testify. Was this house named as a wry comment on the poverty of the soil as … Continue reading

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I’m not afraid of cows

Gate in the Gwaun Valley.  Photo credit Ieuan Yusuf George But I’ll own up to being rather nervous of bullocks and heifers, as well as bulls – which often means avoiding fields that (from a distance) appear to have cows in. In … Continue reading

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A farmer at Hescwm

This is the only photo I have of my great-grandfather, Stephen George, standing alone, in his soft, comfortable, everyday clothes.  The other photos that have survived show him as a ‘pillar of the community‘ or ‘pater familias’ –  his place in the group … Continue reading

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Train spotting in the Preselis

Fishguard Harbour, the nearest station to Dinas, is the end of the line. Your only options are to take the ferry to Ireland, at 2.30 am or 2.30 pm, or go south towards Carmarthen. As there are only seven trains a … Continue reading

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When Dinas fed Birmingham

If you’d like a project while you’re staying in Dinas, the Mammal Society is looking for help in mapping populations of rabbits and hares in the UK. See here for more details. Apart from the catastrophic myxomatosis outbreak in the … Continue reading

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You’re looking at the remains of Russia

Russia’s monolithic gateposts might lead you to expect a substantial dwelling, outclassing the cottages on the Dinas mountain. But no. The gatepost on the left was positioned (and broken?) by a JCB about 35 years ago when the farmer removed it from a dip in the … Continue reading

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Hedd Wyn (Blessed Peace)

In our Christmas 2014 exchange of letters, Gill (an old friend from Abergavenny)  and I both wrote about films we had seen during the past year. Her chosen film was Hedd Wyn and she has inspired me to search it out to … Continue reading

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Catch a few crows

Jane Seymour is an artist with a strong connection to our part of West Wales, having spent much of her childhood on her parents’ farm near Newport. Her father (John Seymour)’s guides to running a small-holding, beautifully illustrated by Sally Seymour, were … Continue reading

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Definitely not the Bullingdon Club ….. but what ?

These stylish young men with their buttonholes, watch-chains, gorgeous neckwear, folded hankies and smoking paraphernalia look as if they were posing for the camera on a special occasion. The photo was probably taken round about 1900 in Dinas. Could they … Continue reading

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