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Eirian Short – celebrated embroiderer from Dinas

I’ve noticed that many people end up at my blog when they are googling  Eirian Short, the celebrated embroiderer from Dinas. I know that there is very little on the internet about her work and I hope that this post will do something to remedy … Continue reading

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Stitched in a chapel to be hung in the cathedral

I was privileged to see the beginning of St Caradoc’s journey from a converted chapel, where he was being hand-stitched by Amanda Wright, to his appointed place in the great Cathedral of St Davids, where his bones are thought to … Continue reading

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Eirian Short : a Dinas artist

The first time I had a proper look at Eirian Short‘s work was in Len Rees’ Gallery in Bryn Henllan, Dinas. My previous viewings had been rather perfunctory. I liked the colours and the shapes but have always thought of … Continue reading

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