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Matisse in Dinas

The door on the left was designed by Matisse for the Chapelle du Rosaire at Vence. The door on the right was inspired by Matisse’s work and made by Dinas potter, Len Rees. If you have enjoyed the Matisse exhibition at … Continue reading

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Len Rees’ wonderful wall

Len Rees is a Dinas potter with a garden wall that celebrates his friends, family and neighbours, both as models and contributing artists.  Here are just a few in more detail. Click on a face for a close-up view. The … Continue reading

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In the old days, before poor people had much to throw away and before bin men were invented, one Dinas solution was to throw rubbish over the edge of the cliffs. There can’t have been much:  waste food would have gone to … Continue reading

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