Wild horses on the Preselis


(Semi) wild horses on the Preselis near Dinas

This photo was taken by Luke Johnson who writes a wonderful local blog and whose photos introduce you to his view of the Preselis. Click here to visit.

You can often see horses, roaming wild in the Preselis around Dinas. They seem to be quite friendly and may come close to you if you stop for a rest while out walking.

I remember, as a child, being encouraged to sit on what appeared to be a very docile horse from the mountain. The horse had acquired a name so maybe an owner also. Anyway ‘Boyo’ was patient while I was helped up and as soon as I was firmly up high, out of my father’s reach, the horse took off with no warning and tremendous acceleration. I had the presence of mind to crouch down when we sped under a low branch and then my mind went blank and to be honest, I don’t remember how we managed to stop or how I got down. Since then I have occasionally sat on a horse, but only when a refusal would involve too much loss of face.

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