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What could another language do for you?

When we drive from Cheshire to Pembrokeshire, there are language clues that remind us that we have crossed the border from England into Wales. There have been numerous studies that show how good language learning is for the brain. One … Continue reading

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Here are some Welsh words you already know

I’ll confess to taking comfort from ‘to-do’ lists. Most of my lists are very long and get lost or abandoned well before they have properly outlived their usefulness. But when I’m feeling over-whelmed by the backlog of tasks that I … Continue reading

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How do you say ‘Eglwyswrw’

I remember, with a pleasing glow of satisfaction, the look of surprise on a stranger’s face when, in a conversation through the car window that occurred because we were well and truly lost in narrow lanes between Newport and Cardigan, … Continue reading

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Welsh Quilts

I’m curious to know more about these quilts. They’ve been in our family for 100 years or so. I think they must have come from Dinas (North Pembrokeshire) at the beginning of the 20th century, or perhaps earlier. They are … Continue reading

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Good teachers make a difference

I have two sets of great-grandparents who were born and brought up in Dinas. They were born in the 1840s and I don’t know whether or not they went to school. Judging from John Hughes’ depressing account of Education in … Continue reading

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