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What did the Sea Captains from Dinas do with their money?

The first thing many of them did was to build a house and change the shape of the village. Dinas had originally been sited in the bay of Cwm yr Eglwys, where all the land was owned by large land … Continue reading

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Home spun treasure

This beautiful skein of pure new wool comes from a flock of Llanwenog sheep on a small holding in Llanllwni near Lampeter. You don’t have to travel far from Dinas, however, because you’ll find it on Jana Davidson’s ‘Leafy Lion’ stall … Continue reading

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The bus shelter at Yet y Bontbren (or Teenage passion c1955)

Have a good look at this bus shelter because it will soon disappear and be replaced with something much more modern and probably flimsier. Before it’s demolished, however, we should celebrate its beginnings and give thanks for the community spirit that … Continue reading

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The old hay barn

When Mr Rowlands constructed his hay barn, about seventy-five years ago, his wife and daughter were not impressed; it was rather a dangerous contraption, in their view. Over recent years the farmers in the Dinas area have taken to new ways of storing … Continue reading

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Beehive pigsty – a pig’s eye view

As you can see, the pigsty (on the left) is in much better condition that the house of its owner (on the right). The cottage has fallen into disrepair and fencing prevents the unwary walker from straying into an area … Continue reading

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A mystery solved

While I have been trying to identify the people in this photograph (all deacons of Tabor Chapel, Dinas), I have become increasingly fascinated by them. I’m interested in what I can guess of their characters but also the possible significance of their style of hats, beards … Continue reading

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More tales from the rubbish heap

I’m sure that the people who now live in this lovely house don’t realise that their flourishing hedge came from a rubbish heap in Fishguard. We moved into this house 25 years ago and knew that the unfinished thin front wall needed … Continue reading

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